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Branding Creative Director & Design Leader

Here is an intro to some of my work and highlights on marketing experience


Creative director across campaigns and design systems for over twenty years. Highlights include re-branding for Saks, Chico’s, and American Dream luxury wing. Campaigns and designs that resonated with consumers and associates - driving results, awareness and traction.


I thrive in creating and reimagining a brand within the dense media landscape. Creating and refreshing new seasonal campaigns in conjunction with partners (ie; Disney, MSG, and Pentagram,) and building timeless brand ID systems is a passion…
I love to raise awareness, retain, thrill and drive new users.


I spent over ten years as leading creative for projects that ranged from retail cross partnerships to F&B products, hospitality and services to - all as integrated campaigns and activations. All the while building in-house agencies and working with teams of creatives delivering excellence in execution.


I’ve spent over ten years working in the arts culture all over the world — generating award winning original content and driving social events, crowd sourced participation and featured at international Art Basel and Armory Shows amongst others.


Awards and recognition over the years range from editorial and cover designs to fine art and retail campaign graphic excellence.


McDowell Fine Arts Travel GrantASLNY

Graphis Annual

Print Regional Design Annual

ADC Publishing Design

Polaroid photography excellence

Communication Arts



Clio Awards

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